Actions - 1942
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Burma 1942
Significant Actions and Engagements

Enemy invasion of Burma

Kawkareik 20-Jan-42 22-Jan-42

Moulmein 30-Jan-42 31-Jan-42

Kuzeik 11-Feb-42 12-Feb-42

Sittang, 1942 (including Bilin River) 16-Feb-42 23-Feb-42

Chieng Rai 17-Feb-42 17-Feb-42

Pegu, 1942 06-Mar-42 07-Mar-42

Taukyan 07-Mar-42 08-Mar-42

Pyuntaza-Shwegyin 11-Mar-42 11-Mar-42

Paungde 28-Mar-42 30-Mar-42

Yenangyaung, 1942 11-Apr-42 19-Apr-42

Monywa, 1942 20-Apr-42 02-May-42

Kyaukse, 1942 28-Apr-42 29-Apr-42

Shwegyin 09-May-42 11-May-42


Source: The Official names of the Battles, Actions & Engagements fought by the Land Forces of the Commonwealth during the Second World War, 1939-1945, HMSO (1956)




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