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Updated 16 April 2018


Messages Home: Lost Films of the British Army

Messages Home

The hour-long history documentary focuses on recently rediscovered World War II footage, which reveals British soldiers fighting in Burma recording filmed messages to their loved ones back home.   20th June 2016

The author of this website, Steve Rothwell, contributed some of the research behind the soldiers' stories told in this programme.

For more information on the "Calling Blighty" films see the North West Film Archive project and search the database to see the original films made and sent home to loved ones.


Memorials and Battle Damage on Mandalay Hill

Colour photographs taken in 1986, showing views from the hill, memorial plaques and surviving battle damage. Courtesy of the Simon Jervis Collection.  2nd December 2018

20th Burma Rifles at Maymyo

Subadar and men of a machine gun section, 20th Burma Rifles - taken at Maymyo between 1922 and 1st April 1937 .  1st December 2018

The Capture of Mandalay Hill, March 1945

The four day struggle by British, Indian and Gurkha troops to take the famous landmark.  19th November 2018

The Attack on Fort Dufferin by the 8th Battalion, 12th Frontier Force Regiment, 10th March 1945

The attack was captured on film and in photographs and all are described.  17th June 2018

"Attack on Winkadat" - 1st Battalion, The Burma Regiment - 19th-21st May 1945

An appreciation and plans for an attack on an enemy held village, including transcriptions of the original documents.  16th April 2018

Churchill Tanks in Burma and India

The story of the Churchill tank in Burma and India, and of the conversion of the 254th Indian Tank Brigade to Churchills.  10th April 2018

1st Garrison - 25th (Garrison) Battalion, The Burma Regiment

This unit served in Assam, with one company present at the siege of Kohima, before being disbanded in Burma in 1946.  30th March 2018

2nd Garrison - 26th (Garrison) Battalion, The Burma Regiment

Formed from men of the Kokine Battalion, Burma Frontier Force, this unit served in Bengal before being disbanded in Burma in 1946.  11th March 2018

6th Battalion, The Burma Rifles

Additional information from the personal papers of Lt. Colonel W.R. Andrews, a company commander at Tavoy in January 1942.  12th February 2018

Officers of the A.B.R.O. - March 1940

Photograph and biographies of six officers of the Army in Burma Reserve of Officers (A.B.R.O.) at Maymyo in March 1940.   5th February 2018

2nd Kachin Rifles

Raised in 1945, the battalion remained loyal to the Government of Burma during the early civil wars of 1948-1950.   2nd February 2018

1st Kachin Rifles

The 1st Kachin Rifles fought Communist and Army mutineers during 1948.  In February 1949, the battalion's Commanding Officer, Naw Seng, led the battalion over to the side of the Karen rebels.   11th January 2018

Loss of the Shan States - 1942

A brief account of the Japanese conquest of the Shan States, from Toungoo to Myitkyina.   3rd January 2018

"Burma 1942" - an account of service with the Burma Auxiliary Force and the Burma Intelligence Corps by Major A.H. Jenner

During the first Burma campaign, Major Jenner served with the antiaircraft artillery of the B.A.F.  He later served with the Burma Intelligence Corps in the Arakan.   31st December 2017

8th Heavy Antiaircraft Battery, Royal Artillery

Often confused with the 8th Indian H.A.A. Battery, a brief history of the unit which fought during the first Burma campaign and later in the Arakan.   31st December 2017

8th Indian Heavy Antiaircraft Battery, Indian Artillery

A brief history of this antiaircraft unit, often confused with the British 8th H.A.A. Battery which fought alongside its Indian counterpart during the first Burma campaign.   31st December 2017

Operations in Tavoy and On Moulmein Aerodrome by Captain N.R. Watts, MC.; WO 203/5691

Captain Watts was a company commander involved in the fighting for Tavoy town in January 1942. He later commanded the troops defending the aerodrome at Moulmein.   10th December 2017

6th Burma Rifles, Tavoy, January 1942 – Captain W.R. Andrews Narrative; WO 203/5691

An account of the 6th Burma Rifles action at Tavoy in January 1942.   10th December 2017

** New Design for the Web Site **

A new look and new navigation menus for the web site.   9th December 2017

** New ** - Documents Section

A new section presenting transcriptions of war diaries and official and personal narratives.   9th December 2017

1st Battalion, The Burma Regiment

A new, full account of the 1st Battalion which served at Kohima, Burma and Sumatra.   12th October 2017

* Book *: "Not Forgetting the 9th; The War Diary of Sgt. Cyril Grimes, 1944-1945"

The diaries of Sergeant Cyril Grimes who served with the 9th Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment in Burma 1944-1945. 

Click this link to open a PDF summary of the book.    14th August 2017

3rd Chin Rifles

Post-war served as the Chin Hills Battalion then, briefly, as the 1st (Chin Hills) Anti-Tank/Mortar Regiment before reverting to an infantry battalion.  Re-titled as the 3rd Chin Rifles in 1949.   7th August 2017

6th Battalion, The Burma Rifles

A much revised account of the action at Tavoy, with situation maps.  26th July 2017

Northern Shan States Battalion, Burma Frontier Force

Added details of the Chin Hills Battalion detachment at the Shweli Bridge action in May 1942.  1st May 2017

1st Chin Rifles

The 1st Chin Rifles was one of the first Government units to be engaged at Insein in January/February 1949. 26th April 2017

2nd Battalion, The Burma Regiment

A history of this battalion of the Burma Regiment which in 1946 fought Chinese deserters. 12th April 2017

* New Book *:  Reporting the Retreat: War Correspondents in Burma

There were some twenty-six accredited war correspondents covering the campaign, and almost half of them wrote books about their experiences, mostly within a year or two of the defeat.  Click the link above or below to be taken to Amazon for further details (opens in new window).


Reporting the Retreat: War Correspondents in Burma 
Philip Woods


7th (Burma Police) Battalion, The Burma Rifles

Group photograph of officers and G.C.O.s of the battalion dating from late 1940 or during 1941.  22nd November 2016

1st Burma Rifles

A history of this battalion of the new Burma Rifles regiment, formed for the new Burma Army in 1945. 14th September 2016

3rd Burma Rifles

A history of this battalion of the new Burma Rifles regiment, formed for the new Burma Army in 1945. 8th September 2016

2nd Burma Rifles

The veterans of two Chindit operations were reorganised to form a battalion of the new Burma Army.  31st August 2016

3rd Battalion, The Burma Rifles

Added details of the battalion's actions at the Sittang Bridge, February 1942.  30th August 2016

4th Burma Rifles

A history of this battalion of the new Burma Rifles regiment, formed for the new Burma Army in 1946. Revised 24th August 2016

5th Burma Rifles

A history of this battalion of the new Burma Rifles regiment, formed for the new Burma Army in 1946.  Revised 24th August 2016

6th Burma Rifles

A history of this battalion of the new Burma Rifles regiment, formed for the new Burma Army in 1947.  Revised 31st August 2016

2nd Chin Rifles

A brief history of this battalion of the new Burma Army, raised from the Western Chin Levies in 1945.  Revised 24th August 2016

The New Burma Army 1945-1949

A history of the planning raising and post-independence operations of new Burma Army.  25th July 2016

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