Orders of Battle
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British Forces
Chinese Expeditionary Force
Japanese Forces
American Forces

Orders of Battle

The links below are to pages listing the composition of various formations at different times during the Burma campaign.  A military formation is a higher grouping of units such as regiments, battalions and squadrons.   Formations include armies, corps, divisions and brigades.

1. British Forces - including Indian, African and Burmese

Burma Army - 1937
Burma Army on 3rd September 1939
Burma Army on 19th June 1941
Burma Army on 1st December 1941
Burma Army on 1st February 1942
Reinforcements 1941-42
Burma Army on 19 March 1942, on formation of 'Burcorps'
1st Burma Division: various dates 1941-42
17th Indian Infantry Division: various dates 1942
16th Indian Infantry Brigade: various dates 1941-42
Kohima Garrison: April 1944

2. Chinese Forces

3. American Forces

4. Japanese Forces

15th Army: January 1942