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Old Egyptian flag

Egyptian Army 1940


1 Egyptian AntiAircraft Brigade

two 3in AA batteries

2 Egyptian Infantry Brigade

two infantry battalions

2 Egyptian Searchlight Regiment

24 searchlights

Egyptian Coastal Artillery (Alexandria)

4 X 6in, 4 X 4in guns

based on Mersa Matruh

Egyptian Mobile Force

Original British plans included these units under command of a detachment from 7 Armoured Division

light car regiment

light tank squadron

light (3.7in howitzer) battery

antitank battery

machine gun company


1 Egyptian Infantry Brigade

one machine gun battalion

two rifle battalions

1 Egyptian Light Regiment

3.7in howitzer

2 Egyptian AntiAircraft Regiment

one 3.7in AA battery

two 3in AA batteries

unknown Egyptian Searchlight detachment

16 searchlights

Mersa Matruh & LoC - Grn (?)

1 Egyptian Machine Gun Brigade

two machine gun battalions

Egyptian Artillery

two antitank batteries

one medium battery

two field batteries

section antiaircraft artillery (3in)


unknown Egyptian AntiAircraft detachment(s)

2 X Bofors, 1 X 3.7in, 6 X searchlight (detachments)

Port Sudan

3 Egyptian Infantry Brigade

either two companies 'of' or two companies 'and' 3 Egypt Bde

one Egyptian Coast Artillery battery


17 May, 2009

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