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Egypt 1937-39

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Old Egyptian flag


Egyptian Army 1937

In 1937 there were 734 officers and 15,540 NCOs and men.

There was a British Inspector-General and one or two technical officers.


Recruiting department

Cairo District Command

11 bns of infantry organised in 3 brigades

2 cavalry squadrons

4 mule batteries

1 garrison artillery company

Prison Staffs

Military Works Department

Company of engineers

Supplies department

Mechanical transport (?)

General Headquarters Staff

Department of Ordnance Services

Military & Musketry School, Cairo

Veterinary department


Egyptian Army 1938

In 1938 there were 837 officers and 24,041 NCOs and men.


Egyptian Army 1939

Trained by the British Military Mission


Frontiers District Administration the Egyptian-Libyan frontier
five motorised squadrons in Ford pickups. Sudanese troops 'very efficient'.


one 3.7in howitzer bty (portee)

one 25pdr battery

one medium battery

one antitank regiment (towed & portee)


two cavalry regiments

Light tanks or Ford pickups


two machine gun battalions Mersa Matruh

two infantry battalions El Arish, Sinai

one infantry battalion Aswan

two infantry battalions Khartoum

four infantry battalions Cairo and the Delta


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