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Polish Parachute Bde

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Polish flag

                Polish shoulder flashshoulder flash

1 Polish Independent Parachute

Diving Eagle vehicle symbol

Brigade Group

   vehicle symbol

23-Sep-41 Formed in Scotland as The Polish Parachute Brigade, from 4 (Polish) Cadre Rifle Brigade, following declaration by Gen Sikorski, confirmed by written order 04-Oct-41
     May-42? Redesignated as 1 Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Group
19-May-47 Disbanded in Osnabruck area, Germany


23-Sep-41 Col S Sosabowski

15-Jun-44 Maj Gen S Sosabowski

27-Dec-44 Lt Col S Jachnik

     Mar-45 Mjr Tonn ( temporary)

13-Apr-45 Col ? A Szczerbo-Rawicz

Brigade Troops

Antitank Batteries

Airborne Anti-Tank Battery May-42 19-May-47

Light Batteries

Airborne Light Artillery Battery May-42? 19-May-47 Not at Arnhem due to

shortage of gliders

Field Companies

Airborne Engineer Company May-42? 19-May-47

Parachute Medical Company May-42? 19-May-47

Airborne Signals Company May-42? 19-May-47

Airborne Transport and Supply Company May-42? 19-May-47

1st Polish Parachute Infantry Battalion 23-Sep-41 19-May-47
2nd Polish Parachute Infantry Battalion 23-Sep-41 19-May-47
3rd Polish Parachute Infantry Battalion 23-Sep-41 19-May-47
4th Polish Parachute Infantry Battalion Feb-44? Mar-44? "recently raised" broken

up to reinforce other

battalions in Mar-44

Higher formations served under

HQ Polish Forces in Britain 23-Sep-41 Apr-44?

1 British Airborne Corps Apr-44? 10-Aug-44

1 Airborne Division 10-Aug-44 29-Sep-44

1 British Airborne Corps 29-Sep-44 04-Nov-44

1 Airborne Division 04-Nov-44 08-May-45

I British Corps 08-May-45 29-Jun-45

1 Polish Armoured Division 29-Jun-45 19-May-47


United Kingdom 23-Sep-41 21-Sep-44

Netherlands 21-Sep-44 07-Oct-44

Belgium 07-Oct-44 11-Oct-44

United Kingdom 11-Oct-44 08-May-45

Germany 08-May-45 19-May-47

Belgium 08-May-45 08-May-45


Thanks to Mike Blazejack for information regarding the correct vehicle symbol.  Mike maintains a website for a re-enactment group: Headquarters Platoon; 8th Company; 3rd Battalion, 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade.

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17 June 2009


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