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24 Guards Brigade

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13-Feb-40 Brigade HQ formed in the UK
30-Oct-42       Reorganised and redesignated as an Independent Brigade
13-Mar-44       Redesignated and reorganised as an Independent Brigade Group
10-Mar-45       Reverted to the role of an Infantry Brigade within a division


13-Mar-44 Brig AFL Clive

01-Nov-44 Brig MD Erskine

25-Jan-45 Lt Col WL Steele (acting)

15-Feb-45 Brig MD Erskine

Brigade Troops

23rd (Army) Field Regiment, RA 05-Apr-44 14-Aug-44

42nd Field Company, RE 13-Mar-44 10-Mar-45

137th Field Ambulance, RAMC 14-Aug-44 10-Mar-45

226th Field Ambulance, RAMC 21-Apr-44 14-Aug-44

201st Guards Brigade Workshop, REME 13-Mar-44 31-Aug-44

24th Independent Brigade Group (Guards) Workshop, REME 01-Sep-44 10-Mar-45

550th Company, RASC 05-May-44 10-Mar-45

1st Battalion, Scots Guards 01-Mar-40 31-Aug-45
3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards 13-Mar-44 28-Feb-45
5th Battalion, Grenadier Guards 05-Jun-42 28-Mar-45

Higher formations served under

6 SA Armoured Division 20-May-44 19-Feb-45


Italy 07-Dec-43 31-Aug-45

Battles, actions and engagements


ROME 22-May-44 04-Jun-44

Advance to the Tiber 22-May-44 04-Jun-44

Bagnoregio 11-Jun-44 13-Jun-44

TRASIMENE LINE 20-Jun-44 30-Jun-44

AREZZO 04-Jul-44 17-Jul-44

ADVANCE TO FLORENCE 17-Jul-44 10-Aug-44

Monte San Michele 18-Jul-44 20-Jul-44

Monte Domini 21-Jul-44 24-Jul-44

Paula Line 30-Jul-44 04-Aug-44

GOTHIC LINE 25-Aug-44 22-Sep-44

Femmina Morta 17-Sep-44 18-Sep-44

Catarelto Ridge 28-Sep-44 03-Oct-44



BETFOR: The Website of the British Element Trieste Force's Veterans.
24th Guards Brigade went on after the war to serve first as an occupation force then as the first yet unrecognised UN peace-keeping force in the Free Territory of Trieste.  First under the command of XIII Corps, to September 1947, and then as the tactical arm of British Element Trieste Forces (BETFOR) to October 1954.   See also this link


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