Edward Barton Unofficial Web Page: Updates


Combined all of the Edward Barton discographies into one page:

Edward Barton Discography

Seperated the News/Reviews articles into three pages:

Added release dates to "Five Songs Sung By Four Voices", and timings to "Belly Box Brother Gob".


Moved the 2009 live dates to Older Live Dates Pages - added the December 2009 live date to this page..

Added a live dates page.

Added the "Mrs. Shit" video to Videos.

Finally updated the website in preparation of Ed's new album, "and a Panda":
Added info on the 'Auto Test Pilot 2' and 'Auto Test Pilot 3' gigs at Manchester.
Added information about the MDMA archive and a picture of Ed's postcard - available from the seminar.

Added details about the O.K. Cola release, "Everybody Wants To Be A D.J." - released in March this year.

O.K. Cola feature Ed, Mark Day (ex-Happy Mondays), with some help from Larry Gott (ex-James).


New Flux Magazine contains a new Barton track - "Flowers: Nice" (Vocals: Ray Pratt)

Article also mentions that two new Edward Barton albums are in the pipeline - yay! :-)

Found a couple more releases:
First update for a long time - apologies!
  • Added details of the official Edward Barton website at https://www.edwardbarton.com/ - well worth a visit, although it hasn't been updated for a while, and lacks a discography...
  • Added several releases which I didn't know existed - "Five Songs Sung By Four Voices" on Wooden (some of these songs will be familiar to those who've heard some Lost Witness records!), and a couple of releases by the band "Hush" - acappella songs sung by various people, including the vocalist for the Ruthless Rap Assassins (Tracey Carmen) - and very good they are too!
Wooden Records discography updated:

Cherry Red are finally releasing the 'Jane And Barton' LP on CD, which is also going to include the A Guy Called Gerald remix of "It's A Fine Day" and the video to "It's A Fine Day" on CD-ROM! Yippee!!


Finally (!) revamped site with new menus

Discographies now accessed via thumbnails.

Added new releases to the Wooden Records Discography

Started Ed Barton Unofficial Web page!