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22 EA Infantry Bde

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East Africa Expeditionary Force East African Expeditionary Force badge 22 (East Africa) Infantry Brigade 22 East Africa Infantry Brigade 22 (East Africa) Brigade symbol
19-Sep-39 Brigade HQ formed in East Africa as 2nd (East Africa) Infantry Brigade
18-Oct-40 Redesignated 22 (East Africa) Infantry Brigade
     Dec-41 Became an infantry brigade group


19-Sep-39 Brig CC Fowkes

17-Jul-40 Lt Col CF Blackden (acting)

17-Aug-40 Lt Col W Owen (acting)

28-Sep-40 Brig CC Fowkes

03-Mar-41 Lt Col CF Blackden (acting)

10-Mar-41 Brig CC Fowkes

12-Sep-41 Brig WA Ebsworth

01-Apr-42 Brig WA Dimoline

17-Jun-42 Lt Col JF McNab (acting)

08-Jul-42 Brig WA Dimoline

31-Jul-42 Lt Col JF McNab (acting)

07-Aug-42 Brig WA Dimoline

13-Aug-42 Lt Col JF McNab (acting)

20-Aug-42 Brig WA Dimoline

27-Nov-42 Lt Col RGT Collins (acting)

07-Jan-43 Brig WA Dimoline

08-Jun-43 Lt Col PA Morecombe (acting)

10-Jul-43 Brig WA Dimoline

28-Jul-43 Lt Col RGT Collins (acting)

28-Aug-43 Brig NC Hendriks

19-Apr-44 Lt Col R Francis-Jones (acting)

13-Jun-44 Brig RF Johnstone

05-Jan-45 Lt Col R Francis-Jones (acting)

14-Jan-45 Brig RF Johnstone

1st Battalion, King's African Rifles 02-Oct-39 17-Oct-40
5th Battalion, King's African Rifles 13-Oct-39 31-May-43
6th Battalion, King's African Rifles 06-Oct-39 17-Oct-40
1/1st Battalion, King's African Rifles 18-Oct-40 31-May-43
1/6th Battalion, King's African Rifles 18-Oct-40 31-May-43
1st (Nyasaland) Battalion, King's African Rifles 01-Jun-43 31-Aug-45
5th (Kenya) Battalion, King's African Rifles 01-Jun-43 09-Aug-44
6th (Tanganyika Territory) Battalion, King's African Rifles 01-Jun-43 20-Jul-43
3rd Battalion, The Northern Rhodesia Regiment 21-Jul-43 31-Aug-45
1st Battalion, The Rhodesian African Rifles 14-Sep-44 31-Aug-45
22nd (East Africa) Infantry Brigade Group Company, EASC 23-Dec-41 31-Aug-45
56th (Uganda) Field Battery 27-Apr-42 26-Dec-42
60th (East Africa) Field Company 12-May-42 01-Jul-43
9th Field Regiment, RA 09-Jun-42 14-Nov-42
A Squadron, 1st Armoured Car Commando, SA Tank Corps 10-Sep-42 19-Nov-42 attached

Higher formations served under

East Africa Force 19-Sep-39 19-Jul-40

2 (Africa) Infantry Division 19-Jul-40 23-Nov-40

12 (Africa) Infantry Division 24-Nov-40 02-Dec-40

11(Africa) Infantry Division 03-Dec-40 08-Jan-41

12 (Africa) Infantry Division 08-Jan-41 23-Feb-41

11(Africa) Infantry Division 23-Feb-41 01-Mar-41

12 (Africa) Infantry Division 02-Mar-41 11-Mar-41

11(Africa) Infantry Division 12-Mar-41 26-Jul-41

12 (Africa) Infantry Division 27-Jul-41 22-Dec-41

Central Area (East Africa) 23-Dec-41 01-Jun-42

East Africa Command 01-Jun-42 08-Jun-42

Force 121 09-Jun-42 12-Aug-42

Diego Suarez (Fortress HQ) 13-Aug-42 31-Aug-42

Force 121 01-Sep-42 10-Oct-42

Islands Area 11-Oct-42 23-Jan-44

East Africa Command 23-Jan-44 28-Jan-44

Central Area (East Africa) 29-Jan-44 09-Jul-44

War Office Control 10-Jul-44 23-Jul-44

Ceylon Army Command 23-Jul-44 03-Dec-44

South East Asia Command (SEAC) 03-Dec-44 10-Dec-44

XV Indian Corps 10-Dec-44 27-Dec-44

25 Indian Infantry Division 27-Dec-44 05-Jan-45

XV Indian Corps 05-Jan-45 15-Feb-45

26 Indian Infantry Division 15-Feb-45 16-Mar-45

82 (West Africa) Infantry Division 16-Mar-45 31-Mar-45

26 Indian Infantry Division 01-Apr-45 04-Apr-45

82 (West Africa) Infantry Division 05-Apr-45 20-Jun-45

12 Army 20-Jun-45 25-Jun-45

7 Indian Infantry Division 25-Jun-45 27-Jun-45

20 Indian Infantry Division 28-Jun-45 11-Aug-45

19 Indian Infantry Division 12-Aug-45 31-Aug-45


East Africa 19-Sep-39 23-Jan-41

Italian Somaliland 23-Jan-41 23-Mar-41

Abyssinia 24-Mar-41 30-Dec-41

East Africa 30-Dec-41 02-Jun-42

At Sea 02-Jun-42 08-Jun-42

Madagascar 08-Jun-42 23-Jan-44

At Sea 23-Jan-44 28-Jan-44

East Africa 28-Jan-44 10-Jul-44

At Sea 10-Jul-44 23-Jul-44

Ceylon 23-Jul-44 03-Dec-44

At Sea 03-Dec-44 10-Dec-44

Burma 10-Dec-44 31-Aug-45

Battles, actions and engagements


THE JUBA 04-Feb-41 26-Feb-41


ARAKAN BEACHES 12-Jan-45 29-Apr-45

THE IRAWADDY 29-Mar-45 30-May-45


17 May, 2009


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