The Burma Campaign

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9th (Reserve) Battalion, The Burma Rifles

A much revised and extended history of this holding battalion.  25th June 2016

4th Battalion, The Burma Regiment

A history of this battalion of the Burma Regiment which fought with the Northern Kachin Levies. 7th June 2016

The Karen Rifles

Brief history of the three battalions of the Karen Rifles, part of the new Burma Army from 1945-1949. 7th June 2016

Kokine Garrison Battalion, Burma Frontier Force

Update to include details of companies recruited and trained by the Chin Hills Battalion, BFF. 23rd May 2016

Southern Shan States Battalion, Burma Frontier Force

Updates to include details of a company of the Battalion that came under command of Captain Thompson's party.  16th May 2016

Researching Ancestors in the Burma Army

Added details of the "British Army, Indian Volunteer Forces Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, 1915-1939"
register available on the FindMyPast web site.  Awards made to members of the Burma Auxiliary Force and its 
predecessors may now be found.  25th February 2016

The Burma Intelligence Corps - Platoon Histories 

Brief, fragmentary histories of each of the sixteen platoons of the Burma Intelligence Corps. February 2016

The Burma Intelligence Corps 

A much expanded history of this corps of interpreters.  February 2016

2nd Battalion, The Burma Rifles 

New details added describing the role of the Battalion with the Chindits.  6th November 2015

Indian Army Lists Online 

Added by FIBIS in September 2015 are links to the Indian Army Lists online at the Digital Library of India.  September 2015