Chinese Expeditionary Force
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Order of Battle of the Chinese Expeditionary Force in Burma - 1942


Commander – Lieut.-General JW Stilwell (Burma HQ established 21-Mar-42)


Chief of the Chinese General Staff Mission to Burma - Lieut.-General Lin Wei


Executive Officer to General Stilwell - Lieut.-General Lo Cho-ying



1. V ARMY (Lieut.-General Tu Tu-ming)                          

entered Burma during Mar-42

22nd Division (Major-General Liao Yao-shiang)

64th Regiment

65th Regiment

66th Regiment

96th Division (Major-General Yu Shao)

286th Regiment

287th Regiment

288th Regiment

200th Division (Major-General Tai An Lan)


599th Regiment

600th Regiment

Training Depot

1st Reserve Regiment

2nd Reserve Regiment

Army Troops attached

Cavalry regiment

Artillery regiment

Engineer regiment

Armoured regiment

Motor regiment

Signal battalion


2. VI ARMY (Lieut.-General Kan Li-chu)                          

entered Burma during Feb-42

49th Division (Major-General Peng Pi-shen)                 

145th Regiment

146th Regiment

147th Regiment

55th Division (Lieut.-General Ch’en Mien-wu)

1st Regiment

2nd Regiment

3rd Regiment

93rd Division (Lieut.-General Lu Kuo Ch’uan)

277th Regiment

278th Regiment

279th Regiment

Army Troops attached

Engineer battalion

Transport battalion

Signal Battalion

1st Battalion, 13th Artillery Regiment


3. LXVI ARMY (Major-General Ma Wei-chi)                   entered Burma from mid-Apr-42

28th Division (Major-General Liu Po-lung)

82nd Regiment

83rd Regiment

84th Regiment

38th Division (Lieut.-General Sun Li-jen)

112th Regiment

113th Regiment

114th Regiment

29th Division (Major-General Ma Wei-chei)

85th Regiment

86th Regiment

87th Regiment

Army Troops attached

1st Battalion, 18th Artillery Regiment


(1)   The strength of a Chinese regiment was equivalent to the strength of a British battalion, that of a division to a British brigade and that of an army to a British division.  
(2)   The Chinese formations had in general no supporting or ancillary units and very little transport.
(3)   The infantry were not all equipped with rifles.


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