3rd LAA Regt, IA
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The 3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Indian Artillery was formed in February 1942. Between May and August 1942 (at least) it was still in the process of forming and training as part of the Indian North Western Army stationed in Karachi, now Pakistan, and moved to Malir, just outside Karachi, later in August. It was probably in this area throughout 1943.

In March 1944 the regiment appears as part of the 13th Indian AA Brigade, serving with the 14th Army under the 15th Corps in Chittagong, East Bengal and Bawli - the Arakan (Burma) - defending the airfields. It was still under this command and in this area in December 1944 and through to March 1945. Parts of the 13th AA Brigade moved to cover the Allied landings and capture of Akyab and Ramree Islands in 1945 but I cannot be sure if the 3rd LAA Regiment was one of these units or one of the ones remaining in Chittagong. The 13th AA Brigade moved to Rangoon in Burma in June 1945 but again I'm not certain if the 3rd LAA Regiment would have accompanied the brigade.

Initially the regiment had under command the 10th and 11th LAA Batteries, IA and later these became the 12th, 13th and 14th Batteries

I am very grateful to Chris Mabbott for permission to publish the regimental Christmas card for 1944 and the photographs of his grandfather, Sergeant H Law.

1. Christmas Card of 1944 from the 3rd LAA Regiment, IA.

2. H Law, member of the 3rd LAA Regiment, IA.

3. Award of the Burma Star to Sergeant H Law, member of the 3rd LAA Regiment, IA.


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