Edward Barton: Edward Not Edward

Remix Review

International DJ
September 2007
(Issue 91)
Page 77

A Guy Called Gerald
Proto Acid Berlin Sessions 2
Laboratory Instinct (Ger), LI012

A Guy Called Gerald's 'Proto Acid Berlin Sessions' live mix, released last summer, was just awesome and is still getting caned in my car: here we have the accompanying vinyl EP, with two blissfully composed soulful techno tracks to lose yourself to. The A-side is the strongest cut - haunting and tribal. It sounds like a native's hunting call from the jungle. It's long and meanders in an extremely hypnotic fashion.

(3 stars out of 5)

[Reviewer: Kai 1]


DJ Magazine
26th September 2007
(Volume 4, Number 50)
Page 79

A Guy Called Gerald
Proto Acid Sessions 2
Laboratory Instinct

It sounds like Gerald has got the minimal inclined sound of his first 'Proto Acid Sessions' out of his system. This time around, he focuses his efforts on live drums, shuffling rhythms and even some ethnic chants, but he sounds most impressive when striking a balance between deep house keys and plunging acid lines.

(4 stars out of 5)

[Reviewer unknown]


M8 Magazine
October 2007
(Issue 223)
Page 90

Guy Called Gerald
Proto Acid Berlin Sessions 2
(Laboratory Instinct)

Gerald Simpson aka A Guy Called Gerald has been at the front of the game when it comes to innovative music. Ever since the early days of rave, his 'Hot Lemonade' album and his collaborations with 808 State on 'Newbuild' have pushed major buttons. The 'Proto Acid Berlin Sessions 2' EP is special indeed, with the first track taking a minimal stand but packing the soundscape full to bursting. There's a jungle feel to the atmosphere and this fits well with the reverberated bongos, which have EQ'd to absolute perfection.


[Reviewer: Mark EG]