Various Artists

Club Classics: Universal Stories Of Dance

(inc. Annette - "Dream 17" )


DVD + 1xCD  : UK 2002 (DROM Productions; DROM14) [DVD: Regions 1-6]
DVD + 1xCD  : AU 2001 (Warner Vision; 8573867382) [DVD: Regions 1-6]
  6:45 Dream 17 [by Annette]


Notes & Links: This DVD features an extra CD mixed by Jon Dasilva, which includes Annette's "Dream 17" amongst the mix, as well as a couple of tracks by Derrick May. The DVD itself, also includes tracks by Future Sound Of London "Papua New Guinea" and the Sabres Of Paradise "Smokebelch II" to bizarre visuals. For more info, check out the Warner site or Michael D's review page.

The UK Release was called 'Club Classics: Universal Stories Of Dance' and has a totally different cover to the Australian release, and can be ordered from the official site here.