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Strange Attractor

(inc. songs from A Guy Called Gerald "Black Secret Technology")


DVD : US 2003 (Magic Carpet Media; ??) [Region 0/NTSC - i.e. will play on all DVD players supporting NTSC]
?? <Miscellaneous Gerald tracks from 'Black Secret Technology'>


Notes & Links: Check this site for more details A Rose X production featuring Lady Kier and Terrence McKenna with a soundtrack by Gerald.

The film features tracks and snippets from Gerald's "Black Secret Technology", of which the use of was recommended by Lady Kier, who was working with Gerald at the time on tracks for "Aquarius Rising"/"Essence".


Techno-shaman  -  Terence McKenna

Dance diva  -  Lady Miss Kier of Deee*Lite

Introducing  -  Britt Welin as the exotic half of the attractor

Next world, ambient soundtrack from 

A Guy Called Gerald

Created by Rose X, from a story by 

Rose X, Directed by Ken Adams


A strange attractor is created when lovers synchronize their minds, bodies, and computers using botanical substances.


An enchanted and skewed digital dream world, Strange Attractor inverts the 

Adam and Eve story and re-visions the Persian/Arabian tale of Layla and Majnun.

Sufi love madness meets media prophecy.


You have never seen anything like it.

The DVD can be ordered from here or via the Magic Carpet Media website.

Attention Non-US Customers

Encoding: All Regions (Region 0).  NTSC DVDs will play on all computers with a DVD drive and DVD players (using NTSC or Multi-System units).

There is also a double (NTSC, presumably), VHS video featuring both 'Strange Attractor' and 'Alien Dreamtime'.