Various Artists - Video Discography

!K7 150 DVD

(inc. A Guy Called Gerald - "Fever" Video)



2xCD+DVD : UK 2003 (Studio !K7; !K7150CD) [Promo] [PAL & NTSC]
2xCD+DVD : UK 2003 (Studio !K7; !K7150LCD) [Very Limited Felt Cover]
5:04 Fever


Notes & Links: The simple series number says it all: This is not just another compilation, but something special. !K7 Records´ 150th release is a milestone and it's a celebration. More precisely, !K7150 is both a retrospective of the label's seminal artists and releases and a survey of it's current roster and a peek into where things are headed.

As a special gift to the loyal supporters who have helped !K7 Records grow and diversify, the !K7150 Limited includes a DVD featuring many of the incredible videos - often shot by well known directors, like Designers Republic for Funkstörung´s "Grammy Winners" - our artists have made over the years. And (!!!): this 2x CD + DVD is strictly limited and has a beautiful special packaging, a very noble grey felt cloth box...

!K7150 shows where !K7 Records has come from and where it is today. And more importantly, it demonstrates that our name stands for good music, whatever the style.

Chin chin, everybody!