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Belly - Slap Belly Slap - Single Review

Belly - Slap Belly Slap

Single Review

Belly - Slap Belly Slap - Single Review

December 1988
Page 21

The inefficiencies of the industry may have left you wondering why vinyl had been invented. The answer is in the grooves of records like 'Slap Belly Slap' by Belly (Wooden Records), an inspired, half-crazy piece by Belly (otherwise known as Edward Barton). He slaps his belly in electro-dance style, with him doing most of the singing (sounding like the man who advertises British lamb chops on telly) and Jane doing a bit too. Inspired, as I say.

[Reviewer: Dave Haslam]

Belly - Slap Belly Slap - Single Review

19th March 1988
Page xx


EDWARD BARTON: Belly Box Brother Gob (Wooden)

The voice of Wild Man Fischer inside the body of Frankenstein's monster with the head of Jimmy Cagney screwed on to its torso. Tipped into this mighty skull is the brain of something scarily unique, funny yet worrying. Keep that beatbox dude. Ed Barton can summon up a rhythm by slapping his belly, pummelling his flesh to the sound of his own gargantuan voice. All four songs are boomed out straight with no musical: accompaniment, a thrilling opportunity to look out at the world through a strange pair of eyes, Edward Barton is his own wildest creation and deserves some recognition. If God gave me record label I'd sign him up tomorrow.

[Reviewer: Edwin Pouncey]