Combe Martin Clock Shop
and clock and barometer repairs

A good stock of fully restored
antique clocks and barometers of all types
and a fast repair service you can rely on
please email details of your clock or barometer for a quick repair quote
cabinet work and movements
14 days to completion for average job

The clock shop established for over thirty years in this beautiful north devon location, is always worth a visit. browsing amongst the ticking clocks will bring back memories off grannies mantelpiece. their are many other earlier and far more beautiful clocks to be seen, from the stately grandfather to the elegant bracket clock. visitor`s are always welcome and talking about clocks is recommended.

Clocks and barometers offered for sale are faithfully restored, movements striped repaired cleaned and rebuilt. cases repaired and polished every thing kept as original as possible.

Some pictures and details to give some idea of the stock we carry. please email for information or problems
A good quick clock and barometer repair service for north Devon.
telephone 01271882607

last modified, 30/09/19

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